Beware of Brokers Lagging Your Expert Advisors

If you are using Expert Advisors on the MT4 platform, beware that some brokers are messing with the order execution. I’m using several accounts across multiple brokers, and with some of them I’m seeing some really weird behavior.

Imagine that your MT4 terminal us fully connected to your broker, the quotes are coming in constantly, your EA tries to place a trade but gets a “no connection” error from the MT4 terminal. How the heck is that even possible? I have seen a number of other errors as well, however the “no connection” is the most frequent.

If you are using Expert Advisors to trade for you, make sure it logs ALL errors in a log file so you can confront your broker about it. If it keeps happening, find another broker fast, there’s plenty of them!

The question I can’t get out of my head it why it’s happening. Could it be something the broker is deliberately doing? I suppose it must be, as it doesn’t happen with all brokers. I’m using 7 different ones and have only seen it with 2. Also, I have heard a lot of stories about management plugins for the MT4 server that were designed for the sole purpose of screwing with your orders.

In any case, make sure your EA can log what’s going on.